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English Idioms Vocabulary 2022 Complete Edition: Speak like a Well-Educated Native (PEL Publishing, Kindle, Inglese)

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In this book, we’ve collected useful English idioms, sayings, and phrases you should know to write and speak like a well-educated native speaker.
This dictionary contains only the most important idioms with clear and simple definitions and up-to-date example sentences.
  • All hands on deck;
  • Said the pot to the kettle;
  • Do someone a world of good;
  • Keep tabs on;
  • Eat someone out of house and home;
  • On speaking terms;
  • Play your cards right;
  • Take something as read;
  • Water under the bridge;
  • Have another string to your bow;
  • Jump on shadows.
These are just some of the many interesting idioms that can be found in our book.
Study at home, on the road, or in class; bookmark pages; and remember that repetition is the key to memory.
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